Wedding Plans Update – September 2020

Most of our friends and family will already know that for many months during the Covid pandemic, our wedding plans have been up in the air. First, due to being furloughed and a significant reduction in earnings which meant we were unable to continue saving for our planned wedding and then, because of the rules surrounding the size of weddings in the UK.

As I write we still have 8 months to go until 5th June 2021 and it is likely that rules on wedding size will be in place at least until April 2021. After this, we don’t know whether weddings will have all restrictions removed, whether they might increase back up to 30 or whether they will stay at 15 for a while longer. Regardless, unless wedding size restrictions are totally removed by next June, our original plans can not go ahead and we’re not confident that wedding party size will go back to being unrestricted in time for our big day.

The last few months have already proven extremely stressful with our plans up in the air for so long, which was compounded by communication difficulties during lockdown with our venue, so we’ve come to a difficult, but sensible decision that we wanted to share with everyone.

Our New, Covid-Safe Intimate Wedding

We’ve made the difficult decision to scale down our wedding to ensure it is Covid-friendly. This means that if the rule of 15 is extended into June next year, our plans won’t be adversely affected at the last minute.

We did consider pushing the wedding back to 2022, but as Shammie and Josh recently got engaged and are planning to marry in 2022, we don’t feel this would be appropriate so we are sticking with our original date and simply scaling everything down.

This means the big party we were planning with all our nearest and dearest won’t be happening and whilst we’re disappointed, we’re now trying to move on and make the best of the situation and plan our new, much smaller and more intimate wedding.

Looking On The Bright Side

We’re pleased to say that we’ve managed to keep the same date after much negotiation, so we’re still tying the knot on Saturday 5th June 2021, but it will be with immediate family in attendance only.

Looking on the bright side, this of course means the wedding is going to cost less than we’d originally budgeted for, so even factoring in lost earnings during Covid, we’re still in a good position so it means we’ll have more to throw at the honeymoon and we might not have to wait quite so long before we can afford to go on it!

Of course we love you all heaps and wish you could celebrate with us, so once life is back to normal, we’re likely to throw a big delayed reception party, but nothing firm is in place yet and won’t be until Covid has buggered off!

Shell & Mark
Peace and love, Shell & Mark x