WEDDING TRENDS | Geode Wedding Cakes Are Still A Popular Choice

Geoade wedding cakes first made an appearance a few years ago and have been steadily inreasing in popularity ever since. It’s easy to understand why, with their sparkly, somewhat other-worldly looks, geoade wedding cakes make a real statement and are a great way of giving a plain or more traditional looking cake a more exciting contemporary twist.

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The geode cake trend is said to have been started by Rachael Teufel who created a stunning statement amethyst wedding cake, but bakers have been experiementing with a vast array of different colours and styles of geode cakes.

Read on for wedding cake inspiration!

1. Claire Owen bespoke Geode wedding cake

2. The London Baker water color Cake with lavender geode 

3. Whisk Cake Company Geode wedding cake

4. The Sweet Apron gold, slate and emerald geode wedding cake

5. Cake Life Geode Cake

6. Honey Bee Baker Geode Wedding Cake

7. Elysia Root Cakes geode gem Cake

8. piped dreams Geode Wedding Cake

9. Duchess Bakes Marble and geode Cake

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