Save The Date – Shell & Mark Are Saying I Do!

save the date


It’s been a busy 3 months since getting engaged, and we’re delighted to be able to finally reveal the date of our wedding. Saturday 5th June 2021 taking place at Oddfellows in Chester.

At first June 2021 sounds like it’s miles away, but actually it’s only a little over 18 months away.

To say that we’re delighted with our choice of venue is an understatement. It was super important to us that we chose a venue that we felt reflected us. We didn’t want anywhere traditional, and whilst we love the look of rustic boho weddings, they’re just so trendy and common right now, that again, it didn’t feel right, so Oddfellows in a beautiful Georgian building with a super quirky interior immediately felt very much ‘us’.

We’re looking forward so much to spending the day with the people we love the most and our plan is for it to be more a big crazy happy party vibe than a stuffy traditional wedding.

There will be traditional elements sure, we want our guests whether there for the evening or the whole day to be well fed and well watered and whilst we’re doing our best to bring the wedding in on a tight budget, rest assured that food and booze is something we aren’t scrimping on!

It’s a party vibe we’re creating and for those of you that are following us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll be aware of our colour theme for the day which is basically, bright, glittery, crazy and fun! To get a better idea, take a look at our wedding Pinterest board.

Wedding Date

Saturday 5th June 2021.

Wedding Venue

Oddfellows, 20 Lower Bridge Street, Chester CH1 1RS.

Wedding Invitations

Our wedding invitations will be sent out roughly 12 months before the wedding and we aren’t sending ‘save the dates’ as we’ve announced that here on our wedding blog and are contacting guests individually over the coming weeks once we’ve finalised our guest list.

Wedding day timings etc. will be confirmed around the same time that we send out our wedding invitations.

Wedding Vibe

If you want to dress up, then please go ahead and don’t feel you have to dress in the usual conservative wedding style! Glitter, sequins, bright colours, crazy prints, whatever you fancy, go with it! Likewise, if more conservative dress is your thing, please don’t feel like you need to dress to our theme to fit in!

We want everyone to feel happy and comfortable and whislt our somewhat outlandish, kitsch tastes won’t be to everyones liking, we’re creating a day that reflects us and makes us smile, so whatever you’re feeling – go with it! If you’re unsure, drop us a line to run it past us if it makes you feel better.

Practical stuff

Chester is a beautiful city and for those that have never been and are traveling, we’d thoroughly recommend making a weekend of it as there’s loads to do. There are heaps of hotels for all budgets, from trusty old Travel Lodges to funky hotels like Abode Chester and swankier options like the Chester Grosvenor.

As it’s such a popular city-break destination, we’d strongly recommend getting your hotel room booked sooner rather than later, so below you’ll find a list of hotels we’d recommend, but obviously, there are way more options, including plenty of Air B&B properties in, and close to the city centre.

Local hotels

Find detailed information on local hotels here.

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