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How To Stay Within Your Wedding Budget – 10 Practical Budget Wedding Planning Tips

We share with you some easy tips for making decisions that will help you make the most of a meagre wedding budget.

The Hardest Part Of Planning Our Wedding

I’m loving wedding planning, but there’s one aspect of our wedding which has been extremely hard, and that’s down to our modest £7k budget…

The Big Bridal Survey – Have Your Say!

We want to know what your budget is, what you’ve done to cut costs and what’s most important to you on your wedding day. Filling in the survey takes less than 5 minutes!

Wedding Shaming – The Nasty Face Of Wedding Rivalry

That’s it I’m wedding shaming. The nasty face of competitive wedding planning.

WEDDING TRENDS | Geode Wedding Cakes Are Still A Popular Choice

Geoade wedding cakes first made an appearance a few years ago and have been steadily inreasing in popularity ever since. It’s easy to understand why, with their sparkly, somewhat other-worldly looks, geoade wedding cakes make a real statement and are a great way of giving a plain or more traditional looking cake a more exciting contemporary twist.