5 Fun Alternative Wedding Themes That Break With Tradition

When it comes to planning your big day there are so many decisions to make it can feel like an insurmountable task. If you don’t have the budget to be able to afford a wedding planner, then you’ll need to make a huge number of decisions and figuring out the theme of your wedding is probably the biggest single decision you’ll make as all other decisions, even your choice of dress will stem from this one.

As you’re reading this article we’re going to assume it’s not a traditional church or registry office wedding you’ve got in mind, so we thought we’d put some ideas together to help inspire your alternative wedding plans.

Etsy wedding
Village fete wedding
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Mwape on Unsplash

Village Fete Weddings

For a relaxed vibe a village fete style wedding held outdoors is hard to beat. High on fun and nostalgia, this is a truly lovely option to go for. Think outdoor games and even bouncy castles, perhaps throw in an ice cream van for good measure and go for a relaxed seating plan with simple, but tasty nostalgic food such as pie and mash or fish and chips.

If you want a really personal and unique wedding this could be the way to do it, but you’ll have lots of different elements to organise and you will somewhat be at the mercy of the weather, so you’ll need a contingency plan in case the day turns out to be cold and wet, so this is a risky option.

Festival wedding
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Festival Weddings

Think smoke bombs, glitter, street food, tipi tents and of course music! Festival style weddings are hugely popular right now as people seek a more fun way to celebrate with friends and family. A festival themed wedding however does take an awful lot of planning, form securing the right location to the hire of tents and PA systems, there’s a lot to think about.

Festival weddings are certainly not for the faint-hearted, but they are a great way to get friends and family involved and can result in an unforgettable wedding that scores high on the fun and individuality factor.

Pulling off a festival style wedding, complete with street-food vendors, bars, marquees or tents, performers and of course festival-style props and decorations can end up being an expensive affair and there’s lots to consider, from hiring portable loos and generators to contingency measures should the weather be cold or wet, so you’ll need to plan and cost every single component.

Wedding Barn. Photo by Mel Durham on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Mel Durham on Unsplash

Rustic Barn Weddings

Barn weddings are hugely on-trend right now and it’s not hard to understand why. Rurally located weddings that take place in converted farm buildings, typically known as wedding barns naturally lend themselves to a more relaxed feel with a quirky vibe and for anyone who’s a nature lover, this makes a good and far safer choice than opting for an outside wedding. One of the big benefits of this style of wedding is that there are purpose built venues, and farms all over the country that have diversified into weddings and they will typically provide different packages to suit most budgets.

From bare-bones hire of the barn and site facilities which allow you to have full control over your wedding, to all-inclusive wedding packages akin to more traditional hotel and country house weddings, rustic barn weddings are ideal for pretty much every budget and they also give you the opportunity to celebrate your special day in a more relaxed way.

For the bohemian spirited, this is a great option to go for and provides a happy medium between a riskier, more expensive and complex outdoor wedding and something a little more traditional.

Tea Party Wedding
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Tea Party Weddings

Taking inspiration from afternoon tea and Alice in Wonderland, a tea party wedding will generally score highly on the quirkiness factor.

One of the biggest benefits of opting for afternoon tea is that it opens up many different options for the location of your wedding breakfast and of course there’s a big cost saving too! You can arrange a really lovely afternoon tea for around £25 per head as opposed to the usual £50 or more per head for a 3-course traditional meal.

If you’re on a super tight budget, afternoon tea allows you to do something different, whilst still ensuring your guests get fed! Why not save on catering costs yet further and get friends and family bake cakes and make the food?

Glamping weddings
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Glamping Weddings

Many glamping sites also provide space to camp and will of course have their own quirky glamping accommodation on site. If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, then a glamping wedding provides you with a way of spending time with special people in a beautiful rural setting, making for a chilled, fun weekend in the great outdoors.

If you have friends who like camping, you may have the option of allowing guests to bring their own tents (a great way to save money, as attending a wedding as a guest usually ends up being quite expensive), which adds to the flexibility of this option.

A glamping wedding will depend very much on weather conditions, so you’ll need to make sure there’s a covered area big enough to accommodate everyone for the ceremony and for the wedding breakfast and of course you’ll probably need to bring outside caterers and services in.

You’ll find glamping and even campsites all over the country that can hire out the entire site for the weekend and some are even licensed for ceremonies, but glamping weddings tend to be best suited if you’re going down the Humanist or Hand fasting route, as many won’t be licensed wedding venues, so you’ll just need to do the legal bit before or afterwards at the registry office.

Etsy wedding